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Grant process

Capital Giving has been established to fund projects that advance opportunities for women and girls in the ACT and surrounding regional areas.

Capital Giving 2016 Grant Country to Canberra

Our preference to support projects of this nature is due to evidence that investing in women and girls has a flow on effect to families, communities and the environment – therefore, we’re actually supporting men and boys, just not as directly. We also aim to bring value to the community in the form of increased community connection, philanthropic investment and well-informed, engaged social investors and volunteers.

Grant Guidelines

The following guidelines have been established to guide our giving. It should be noted that as Capital Giving is in its infancy we would like to keep a degree of flexibility so as to not discount other types of excellent projects that align with our aims.

We will fund projects that:

1. Advance opportunities for women/girls through education or another form of activity that aligns with our overall aims

2. Will benefit women/girls located in the ACT and surrounding rural areas. As a guide surrounding areas will be within a 200km radius of Canberra

3. Are offered by small to medium scale entities (for example, not for profit organisations and associations) with an annual revenue of less than $1 Million

4. Support existing or new initiatives

5. Improve opportunities for those who are disadvantaged in our community. Finding Projects & Grant Giving We aim to give our first grant towards the end of 2016. Members will be informed of the timing of subsequent grants as time goes on.

Members who have made a financial donation to Capital Giving are invited to research and identify potential projects to be funded. The projects will be required to meet the above criteria. A short summary of the project, with contact details of the organisation should then be emailed to If the project adequately meets the criteria, the organisations will be invited to a meeting in order for us to find out more and further assess suitability against the criteria. The person who put the project forward will also be invited to attend if they wish.

All projects will be shortlisted by the founder, and a summary of the top proposals will be sent to members who will have the opportunity to vote on which project/s is awarded support.

Applications from Community Organisations

Although our aim is to be proactive in finding projects to fund, organisations who are seeking funds to support new or existing initiatives that align with our funding criteria are encouraged to contact Capital Giving to discuss their ideas.

A brief summary of the project, including how it meets the criteria should be sent to

Obligations of Grant Recipients

Successful grant recipients are required to spend funds within 12 months of receipt. A short progress report is required at 6 months from commencement of the grant and a final report at 12 months. This information is also sent to the National Foundation for Australian Women where our preferred donor fund is held.

Recipients will be invited to share their stories of how the funds have made a positive impact with Capital Giving members.


Grants will not be awarded to or for: individuals; political parties; government entities; commercial sponsorships; religious groups (except for projects that support a non-religious purpose); retrospective requests; debt retirement, budget deficits, endowments or bequest programs; or general fundraising appeals.